Abstract guidelines

All abstract for both oral and poster presentations should be prepared according to the instructions and submitted to the ISHS submission tool, https://www.actahort.org/members/symposiar?nr=600

ISHS online submission procedures: https://www.ishs.org/sites/default/files/page-documents/onlinesubmissionauthorsguide.pdf 

An abstract in English, limited to 200-300 words in a single paragraph, is required in all cases.

The abstract should contain a concise but comprehensive statement of the problem and results. The title and abstract will be freely available on the ISHS website and should be considered an advertisement for the paper as it may be all that most viewers will read. Thus, it should be carefully and accurately written. Your abstract will be sorted and arranged to organize the program by the keywords you proposed in the abstract submission.

Specifications about abstract preparation can be found here: Authors - International Society for Horticultural Science 

Full paper submission 

All speakers of oral presentations must submit a manuscript for inclusion in the Symposium Proceedings in Acta Horticulturae.

Presenters of posters are strongly encouraged to also prepare and submit a manuscript for Acta Horticulturae.

The deadline for submission of a full-length paper is September 26, 2024.

Authors of posters are strongly encouraged to prepare and submit their manuscript for Acta Horticulturae.

Acta Horticulturae (ISSN 0567‐ 7572) is a peer reviewed series, mainly the proceedings of ISHS Symposia and the International Horticultural Congress. All Acta Horticulturae articles are available online at www.actahort.org .

Papers resulting from both oral and poster presentations should be prepared following Acta Horticulturae author guidelines, which are accessible by clicking here

Important Dates

Symposium Dates: September, 23-26, 2024

Abstract Submission Launch: June 1, 2023

Abstract Submission Deadline: April 30, 2024 15 May 2024

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